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Crime Corner

Crime Corner

In this installment of Crime Corner, Jerry Holt features authors Anne Holt, Jørn Lier Horst, and Stuart MacBride.

Gard Sveen, author of The Last Pilgrim

Book Review: The Last Pilgrim

Christine Foster Meloni reviews The Last Pilgrim, the debut novel by Norwegian crime novelist Gard Sveen and the first in his Tommy Bergmann series.

Lars Mytting

The Bell in the Lake

Though Lars Mytting is best known in America for his nonfiction book Norwegian Wood, his recent novel is sure to mesmerize American readers.

For the Love of Cod book cover

For the Love of Cod

Eric Dregni’s newest book, For the Love of Cod: A Father and Son’s Search for Norwegian Happiness, examines why Norway is one of the happiest countries.