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Painter Rolf Monsen and ceramic artist Kari Aasen in their studio at USF Verftet

From sardines to art

In what used to be an old sardine factory, USF Verftet is creating a hub of culture, creativity, and exchange for artists from around the world.

The entrance to the Astrup exhibit at The Clark

The summer of Astrup

Victoria Hofmo shares her thoughts and impressions of the first-ever Nikolai Astrup exhibit in the United States at the Clark Art Institute in Massachusetts.

a painting of a man fishing with a sailboat in the background

Memorable paintings

To celebrate summer and being out on the water, Mary Jo Thorsheim explores the sport of going fishing through four paintings from Norway Art’s collection.

The Stockholm waterfront painted by Hans-Erik Eriksson with boats, bikes, and spires.

Another place and time

Hans-Erik Eriksson captured the life and light of mid-century Stockholm in his paintings, from the magic of Midsommar to the beauty of the waterfront.

Jonas Lie

Jonas Lie

The tranquil calm of the harbor paintings by Norwegian artist Jonas Lie brings a refreshing breath of fresh air to these difficult times.