Bus trip over snow-covered mountain turns fatal

One passenger was killed and several were injured when a bus with 40 passengers slid off the road, and nearly rolled over, on highway R15 near Grotli north of Lillehammer early Tuesday morning.

The bus was on its way over Strynefjellet, from Oslo to Ålesund, when it slid off the snowcovered road and ended up on its right side.

A 21-year-old asylum seeker from Nigeria was found dead under the bus. Five passengers were injured, two of them seriously were transported to the hospital. The rest of the passengers were transported to Skjåk, where they taken under the care of the local crisis team.

Police said the bad weather led to difficult driving conditions. It also forced the passengers to wait for help because air ambulances couldn’t fly in the snowstorm.

The bus was not installed with snow tires, reports Aftenposten. In most parts of Norway snow tires are installed on vehicles in November. In the mountains, however, snow tires can be necessary from early September. Snow has fallen over most of the mountain passes in Norway during the last couple of days.

The early snow fall also led to a dramatic rescue mission at Besseggen (The Bess Ridge) in Jotunheimen. A 39-year-old female hiker broke her ankle and had to be carried down the mountain by the Red Cross, reports Aftenposten.no.

Helicopter could not be used, due to high winds.

Source: Aftenposten

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