Breakthrough for Superba™ Krill in Europe

Aker BioMarine has today signed a major agreement with a leading European manufacturer and brand of dietary supplements. In the five year agreement Aker BioMarine will be the exclusive supplier of Superba™ Krill to the customer. The customer will formulate Superba™ Krill oil into one of its existing products and thus will purchase significant volumes immediately.

The customer has committed to purchase minimum 30 tons of Superba™ Krill until the end of 2011

“This is a breakthrough for us in Europe, we now get a partner with a strong brand, significant sales from day one, and a partner that will invest in marketing the benefits of Superba™ Krill” says Matts Johansen, Executive Vice President, Aker BioMarine.

The agreement follows Aker BioMarine`s Novel Food Approval received in December 2009

Source: Aker BioMarine

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