Bjørg Bjøberg: The joy of summer in flowers

News from Norway Art® MARY JO THORSHEIM Minneapolis People in Norway love their flowers: outdoors and indoors. After dark winters, the sight of blossoms in spring and summer is a fantastic contrast. Fruit trees burst into blossom, the first hvitveis or blåveis wake up in the woods. “Fjellflora” as famously recorded by Dagny Tande Lid appear in the mountains. Bluebells ring out their rich color beside the streams or from a crack in a rock. ox-eye daisies as painted by Harald Sohlberg in his “Flowering Meadow” painting flourish in the fields. Roses are favorite gifts for birthdays and other celebratory occasions. They seem to grow larger and more beautifu
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Mary Jo Thorsheim

Mary Jo Thorsheim, Ph.D., the owner of the Norway Art® importing business for 40 years, was invited to donate a monthly article for The Norwegian American. She welcomes contact by email at or phone at (612) 339-7829. For more information, visit and

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