Bigmouthmedia Norway wins award for best marketing campaign

Bigmouthmedia’s Norway office has been presented with one of Scandinavia’s most prestigious industry awards.

Highlighting the company’s major impact on the Nordic market since launching, judges awarded The Robert Millar NY award for 2008 to bigmouthmedia at a ceremony in Trondheim. Hailed for a leading-edge approach that has seen the agency establish itself as one of Norway`s most important digital marketing companies, the jury commended the firm on playing an important national role.

“Bigmouthmedia have established themselves as an innovative and successful company in Norway in a very short time. They have done this by using advertising and marketing in a new and groundbreaking way, and the jury particularly pays tribute to the company’s international work, which could very well contribute to putting Norway and Trondheim on the world map,” said Hilde Sætertrø, spokesman for the judging panel.

“We hope that this award will make Bigmouthmedia even better known in the region, and that this in turn will continue to help in establishing Trondheim as the technology capital of Norway.”

Widely regarded as the father of modern advertising in Scandinavia, Robert Millar’s early 20th Century work played a major part in creating the Norwegian marketing business. A series of awards commemorating his contribution was launched in 1976.

The Robert Millar NY award pays tribute to newly established companies who use marketing in an innovative way to promote their services in a manner likely to contribute to the promotion of the Norwegian industry’s international reputation. The prize for winning includes a week-long takeover of the newspaper homepage, greatly boosting the company’s exposure throughout the Nordic region.

“We’re delighted to have our efforts in Scandinavia recognised with this award. The whole team has worked extremely hard on the range of international campaigns that earned the honour, and I’m very pleased that their expertise has been rewarded,” said Freddy Aursø, Managing Director of bigmouthmedia’s Nordic offices.

“Being the Norwegian arm of Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency means we have a big reputation to live up to, and awards like this confirm that we are building the same reputation for excellence enjoyed by bigmouthmedia offices around the world.”


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