Big intake of apprentices

Apprentices recruited by Statoil at an information meeting in Bergen on 1 September 2009. (Photo: Helge Hansen)

Apprentices recruited by Statoil at an information meeting in Bergen on 1 September 2009. (Photo: Helge Hansen)

Statoil is recruiting a record number of apprentices this year, with the largest increase in northern Norway.

As one of Norway’s biggest trainers of skilled workers, Statoil plans to take on 184 apprentices in 2010 – 16 more than last year.

Doubling in the north

The company also wants to increase its recruitment with 25 apprentices from the country’s three northernmost counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. This is double the number of last year’s intake.

“Northern Norway and the far north are priority regions for Statoil. We are confident that activity in these areas will grow, and we want to recruit more local labour,” says Ivar Aasheim, senior vice president for Statoil’s operations north cluster.

The Hammerfest LNG plant at Melkøya is one of the facilities which is increasing its intake this year and will take on 20 new apprentices.

Most of the apprenticeships are at the company’s onshore facilities, with the majority at the Mongstad complex north of Bergen where 34 apprentices are due to begin. Forty per cent of apprenticeships are on offshore installations.

Good job opportunities

Many get permanent jobs at Statoil once they have completed their apprenticeships but the company takes on more apprentices than it actually needs.

“We want to give more young people the chance to get trade qualifications to ready them for working life, either with us or in other enterprises,” says Aasheim.

Those who have been apprentices with the company are allowed to apply for jobs advertised in the in-house job market for two years after they have completed their apprenticeship.

The Norwegian apprenticeship scheme is an education with the first two years at a vocational college of further education. After that the apprentices work for two years in a firm and receive pay.

At the end of the apprenticeship period they are set a practical exam which they have to pass before they get their trade certificate.

Must apply soon

The deadline for applications to Statoil’s apprenticeship scheme is Feb. 15 and the placements are advertised on

The intake will be decided in May and the apprentices will start work in September.

Statoil is recruiting apprentices in the following trades:

Chemical process technicians


Laboratory technicians

Computer electronics technicians

Office and administration workers

Automation technicians

Industrial mechanics

Logistics technicians

Crane and lifting operators

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