BI strengthens focus on ethics

BI has a long tradition of integrating ethics into studies and research, but is now increasing the focus on ethics and corporate responsibility in the master degree programmes.

BI Norwegian School of Management is committed to enabling its students to make ethically sound decisions and make a positive contribution to increased reflection on ethics in business and industry.

– We have a responsibility to train our students to recognise and consider ethical issues which they will face in performing their trade, says President of BI Norwegian School of Management, Tom Colbjørnsen.

Through the systematic integration of reflection on ethics in all subjects, the students develop educated attitudes towards ethical dilemmas posed by performing their trade.

Starting in the autumn 2010, BI will introduce a multi-step model with mandatory joint courses in ethics for all master degree students during the first semester, followed by sections in ethics in courses within each specialised field.

Ethics and corporate responsibility are subjects which receive increasing focus from students at BI Norwegian School of Management. Student representatives have been involved in the process and have expressed their wish for more focus on ethical dilemmas which are relevant to the challenges they will face when entering working life.

Source: BI School of Management

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