BI professor wins prestigious Swedish award

Professor Jonas Söderlund of BI Norwegian School of Management has received a prestigious Swedish award for outstanding research within Human Resources (HR).

RESEARCH AWARD: Outstanding HR Research

Söderlund recently received the award HR research of the year 2009 (Årets HR-forskning 2009) for the results obtained from a research project on personnel management in project-based organisations.

The award comprises a diploma, as well as SEK 25,000. Söderlund shares the award with his research colleague Karin Bredin of the University of Linköping, Sweden.

In the award-winning research project professor Jonas Söderlund and his research colleagues studied how HR work is organised in project-based organisations.

The jury’s citation states that the researchers have developed new and exciting theoretical concepts and performed a valuable review of the roles of the four central players: project leader, co-worker, line manager and HR officer.

Research into better practices

“The project is based on empirical research, and carries with it significant potential for use in practical HR work”, the jury points out. The jury consisted of representatives from research communities, education, business and industry, as well as media.

Professor Jonas Söderlund has been affiliated with the Department of Leadership and Organizational Management at BI Norwegian School of Management since 2007. He conducts research into strategy, change, knowledge integration and new organisation forms.

Söderlund’s research  primarily centers on improving our understanding of projects as an organisation form, knowledge integration in projects and the dynamics of project-based firms, and more recently also HRM (Human Resource Management) within project-based firms.

The HR research award is awarded by Institutet för Personal- och Företagsutveckling (Department of Personnel and Organisation Development) at the University of Uppsala, the journal Personal & Ledarskap and the Swedish Association of Human Resource Management.

This article is also published on January 25, 2010.

Source: BI Norwegian School of Management

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