BI offers Bachelor of Shipping and Finance

“If Norway is to succeed in retaining its position as one of the world’s leading shipping nations, it needs to have people with high and specialised competence,” says Tore Forsmo in the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association .

The BI Norwegian School of Management is addressing the challenges of a changing market; from next autumn it will be starting a Bachelor of Shipping and Finance programme.

“Shipping is an international industry that has been through troughs and peaks for more than a hundred years, where freight prices and ship values have fluctuated in line with the demands for energy, consumer goods, and vehicles, etc. These fluctuations make shipping a more exciting industry than any other, but they also require employees who are able to see the overall picture,” says Tore Forsmo.

Eirill Bø, Associate Dean and Programme Director for the Bachelor of Shipping and Finance programme, agrees: “The high rate of globalisation that characterises our modern world has profound significance for the shipping industry. We are seeing low-cost manufacturing countries like China increasing their exports to the West. At the same time, Norway is outsourcing increasingly more of its manufacturing to low-cost manufacturing countries, and this is leading to heavier demands for container-based shipping and new cost elements. An understanding of this market requires a necessary competence which BI will provide to the shipping industry though offering this programme,” she explains.

“The interest in shipping among students in Norway has grown rapidly in recent years. Both engineering and law students have long been able to specialise in this area, but economics students have not been offered the same opportunities. The new Bachelor of Shipping and finance programme at the BI Norwegian School of Management therefore represents a long-awaited opportunity for students who want a land-based career in shipping,” says Tore Forsmo, Director of the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association.

The Association has been following the growing interest first hand through its Maritime Trainee and Maritime Career programmes.


The BI Norwegian School of Management has long traditions in education and research in shipping and has collaborated with industry actors from 80 different nations

BI’s vision for shipping is to be a leading provider of global maritime knowledge based on research, education and management development,

in close collaboration with the shipping and offshore industries.

Students in the Bachelor of Shipping and Finance programme will develop analytical and strategic skills related to commercial, financial and organisational opportunities/challenges in a global industry.

The programme will be taught entirely in English.

Source: BI Norwegian School of Management

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