BI Norwegian School of Management ranked highest among Norwegian journalists

The Department of Communications at the BI Norwegian School of Management is ranked highest of educational institutions when the Norwegian journalists consider who has the best relationship with the media.

BI Norwegian School of Management is also highlighted as the best organization organizations when one looks at the information department’s response time. The survey was divided into five categories: educational institutions, governmental institutions, municipalities and counties, political parties and interest groups.

“It’s a nice study,” said Janne Log, the director of communications.

Research company Aalund has conducted a survey of 645 journalists and asked them to assess the quality of their contact with the communications departments at public institutions and NGOs as they have worked with over the past year.

“The media’s use of scientists has exploded in recent years. It is therefore very good for us to receive feedback that the journalists feel good about us,” said Log.

Each institution is evaluated on the 11 satisfaction questions, four image questions and three questions about leadership. BI has the best average scores of educational institutions.


  • 645 journalists from both national and regional media in Norway have participated in Aalunds communication analysis PR-barometer Society.
  • 109 organizations are considered
  • This is the third time that the survey is conducted in Norway, and a total of 109 organizations were considered.
  • At the same time of the survey in Norway carried out a similar analysis in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Taken together, over 1200 Nordic journalists interviewed.

Source: BI Norwegian School of Management

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