Better attitudes towards Northern Norway

Helga Pedersen, Minister of Fisheries and Costal Affairs. Photo: Scanpix

Helga Pedersen, Minister of Fisheries and Costal Affairs. Photo: Scanpix

Norwegian regions and attitudes towards the area are improving all over the country, Norwegian Minister of Fisheries Helga Pedersen said in today’s Kirkenes Conference.

Ms. Pedersen, who is also deputy leader of the Norwegian Labor Party, highlighted that people in Oslo now see great opportunities in northern Norway. The increasing focus on the area also helps boost the region’s self-confidence, she underlined.

The minister said that the Norwegian government High North policy involves all ministries and that it covers both domestic and foreign policy areas.

Ms. Pedersen, herself a native from the northernmost Finnmark County, also underlined that the ruling Labor Party remains a strong proponent of increased oil and gas developments in the Barents Sea. –We want to open new fields, the fishery minister stressed. She did not however want to comment on the possible opening of the Lofoten waters, an issue highly sensitive within the ruling government coalition.

The speech was delivered at the Kirkenes Conference, an annual event, organised by the Kirkenes Business Park together with the Norwegian Barents Secretariat, the Sør-Varanger Kommune and the Foreign Ministry.


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