From Belle Gunness to Tarjei Vesaas to today’s classrooms

Crime Corner brought to you by Jerry Holt While education and crime are not necessarily linked, they have fit together nicely for mystery readers from any number of nations over the years—and they continue to do so. Indeed, Inspector Morse solved numerous crimes—usually murder—committed by one academic against, very often, another—all set against an Oxford background. And in the United States world weary detectives like Lew Archer and Robert B. Parker often find themselves searching for clues on college campuses as far-flung as UCLA and Boston University. And in Norway? Caught in the intrigues of a Karin Fossum novel featuring Inspector Sejer or a Gunnar Staalesen Varg Veum installment, young people, often students, play important roles. Indeed, sometimes a look outside the traditional world of thrillers can produce noir gems that go by other names. [caption id="attach
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Jerry Holt

Jerry Holt is a novelist, playwright, teacher, and public speaker. He is professor emeritus of English at Purdue University Northwest and a recipient of Purdue's 2015 Dreamer Award, recognized for work as that has "embodied Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of service to others.” Holt has written four major plays, one novel, and nine short plays. His acclaimed novel, The Killing of Strangers, focuses on several mysteries surrounding the Kent State University shootings on May 4, 1970.

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