Barneblad: Do you want to build a snowman?

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Photo: Mattea Bertling

It’s cold outside, but maybe it’s too cold to go out and play in the snow. And then there are many of us who live in sunny and warm climates. But all of this doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the fun of building a snowman—we just need to use a little imagination to enjoy another fun wintertime activity.

The Christmas season may be over, with decorations put away, which is all the more reason to use our imagination to build an indoor snowman or two. Everybody loves Frosty, and what better way to create a themed party perfect for a winter’s day. Here are four fun ways to do-it-yourself:

Set the table

This is one of the easiest ways to create an indoor snowman, as you prepare the table for a winter meal. All you need are couple of white plates, one large and one small. (Paper plates will, of course, do if you don’t have the dishes.)

The plates are used for the snowman’s head and body. A napkin (preferably red in color) will serve as scarf, and forks and spoons act as the snowman’s arms.

Your snowman will also need a nose, and a piece of a mini-carrot is perfect for this, in exactly the same way that carrots are used with real outdoor snowmen. You can take some pieces of black candy for eyes and buttons (save them for dessert), and your snowman will be complete.

Let there be light


Photo: Mattea Bertling

If you want to add more atmosphere to your party, nothing is easier to make than a snowman lantern. All you need is an empty jar, an electric votive candle or LED light strand, a piece of white paper, and a black marker pen.

Draw the snowman’s face on the side of the jar. and then cut the paper down to size to wrap around the inside of the jar. Place the light source inside; do not use a real candle with the paper. You may also want to take some red ribbon to tie around the jar for your snowman’s scarf.

Dessert anyone?

Photo: Mattea Bertling

After the meal or snack you serve, a special treat is in order, and what could be more appropriate than a marshmallow snowman—so easy and so delicious! All you need are marshmallows, cloves, frosting, and food coloring.
Create your snowman’s body by stacking two marshmallows (use frosting to hold them together). Mix some frosting with orange food coloring to paint on the nose, and use dark blue or black coloring to paint on the eyes. Finally, add the cloves for the snowman’s arms, and he is ready to be admired—and in the end, you can eat him up minus the cloves. Some people even stack their snowman on a white cupcake for that extra-special winter treat!

Snowman mugs

Photo Mattea Bertling

There is nothing more comforting and delicious than a mug of warm hot cocoa on a winter’s day—a perfect addition to your party.

All you need are some white ceramic mugs (styrofoam will also do) and a couple of marking pens, black and orange.

Draw the faces on and personalize your mugs with your guests’ names.

This article originally appeared in the Jan. 15, 2021, issue of The Norwegian American.

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