Barneblad: Making a birth announcement

Heidi Håvan Grosch
Sparbu, Norway

When babies are born in Norway, it is normal to put their picture in the local newspaper. Most of the time, the mother and the father are also in the picture. Sometimes, the picture is just of the new baby and their brothers and sisters. It is also normal to write in the caption under the picture how much the baby weighed (in grams), when he or she was born, and how long he or she was.

A birth announcement might look like this:


Can you make a birth announcement for yourself?

One = en
Two = to
Three = tre
Four = fire
Five = fem
Six = seks
Seven = sju/syv
Eight = åtte
Nine = ni
Ten = ti
Half = halvt

So three and a half years old would be … tre og et halvt år gammel.

* 1 pound = 453.592 grams, so multiply the number of pounds by 453.592 to get the number of grams.
* 1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams, so multiply the number of ounces by 28.3495231 (or 28.35) to get the number of ounces.

You can also use this conversion chart:

Months (don’t capitalize the month)

So January 23rd would be 23. januar (remember to put a period after the number, and put the number before the month).

This article is a part of Barneblad, a monthly feature by Heidi Håvan Grosch to share with kids and grandkids.

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