Author: Larrie Wanberg

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Larrie Wanberg, 1920–2021, contributed features to The Norwegian American for many years, drawing on eight decades of life experience highlighted by three career recognitions: as a researcher through a Fulbright Scholarship to Norway in 1957; as a health care provider in behavioral science through a 27-year military career and awarded upon retirement in 1981 the highest non-combat medal, the Legion of Merit medal; as an educator, through a 50-year career in college education, culminating in the 2010 Public Scholar award at the UND Center for Community Engagement. Wanberg passed away in May, 2021.

A child’s Christmas story

Larrie Wanberg offers a semi-fictional Christmas story about a young girl in Decorah, Iowa, who learns to be proud of and thoughtful about her heritage.


Eyewitness to coworking

International Coworking Day on Aug. 8 at THE SANDBOX in Santa Barbara shared new ideas of working and creating enterprise.

Easter ski trip

A påske adventure

Larrie Wanberg tells how he learned to ski during his time as a Fulbright student at the University of Oslo in 1957-58 and of a particular Easter ski trip.

Sandbox for adults

Larrie Wanberg reports from StartupWeekendSB” with the promotional tag “Pitch…Build…Launch…Network…Learn” in Santa Barbara, an event sponsored by TechStars of Boulder, Colo.

Wiggles's Christmas Wish

Wiggles’s Christmas Wish

Wiggles’s Christmans Wish — It was Christmas morning in a tiny coastal village in central California that had little claim to fame, except that a dog named Wiggles was voted “Mayor” by the residents, as the Red Golden Retriever was the only dog in town…

Atterdag embodies aging the Nordic way

Eldercare in the Danish tradition is rooted in hospitality, charm, comfort, and security in a village-type setting, and choices for care, style of living, and enriching activities. These national qualities are embodied in Atterdag Village, a retirement facility in Solvang, Calif.

Scandinavian generational model

Elderhood in the neighborhood

Eight million elderly Americans today are experiencing the continuum of care from retirement homes to independent living, assisted-living, or memory care facilities. Luckily, a growing movement in America is changing the way care is provided to an aging population following the Scandinavian generational model.

70 years later, the interview concludes

It is not often that a friendship from college days lasts a lifetime and comes full circle nearly 70 years later. This story is of Arne Brekke, who lived his dream and leaves a treasured legacy for anyone who carries a Norwegian gene in one’s ancestry and is interested in the roots of one’s heritage.

Thomas Fire

On evacuating—and returning home

Larrie Wanberg, Norwegian American Features Editor, shares her experience of the Thomas Fire evacuation, as the wildfire spread terror along the Central California Coast.

Child's Christmas

A Child’s Christmas Prize

In traditional belief, Julenisser are an important part of a Norwegian child’s Christmas, as well as marzipan treats, including a marzipan pig prize.