Author: Mary Jo Thorsheim

Mary Jo Thorsheim, Ph.D., the owner of the Norway Art® importing business for 40 years, was invited to donate a monthly article for The Norwegian American. She welcomes contact by email at or phone at (612) 339-7829. For more information, visit and

An ultimate valentine

Mary Jo Thorsheim of Norway Art® dives into the story of an ornate mangle carved by a Norwegian sailor in 1789 for his beloved.

Monet Sandvika

The French connection

When we think of Monet, our thoughts naturally drift to Paris—but Norway? Explore a famous painting of Sandvika with Dr. Mary Jo Thorsheim of Norway Art®.

A fisher boy’s story

Mary Jo Thorsheim of Norway Art discusses painter Isak Ræfsnes and how his youth as a fisher boy in Western Norway informed his work.

Musing on education and art

Dr. Mary Jo Thorsheim of Norway Art offers suggestions on how to integrate art into learning from home and discussed the artist Håkon Stenstadvold.

Paintings from Denmark enchant

Denmark’s central location and unique landscapes have drawn painters from all over Scandinavia for generations, influencing Danish painters and artists.

Peer Gynt

Elling Reitan’s Peer Gynt

In Norway, Elling Reitan is known as the “painter of colors.” He has taken up a variety of motifs in his work, including Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.