Author: Mary Jo Thorsheim

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Mary Jo Thorsheim, Ph.D., the owner of the Norway Art® importing business for 40 years, was invited to donate a monthly article for The Norwegian American. She welcomes contact by email at or phone at (612) 339-7829. For more information, visit and
Jonas Lie

Jonas Lie

The tranquil calm of the harbor paintings by Norwegian artist Jonas Lie brings a refreshing breath of fresh air to these difficult times.


An ultimate valentine

Mary Jo Thorsheim of Norway Art® dives into the story of an ornate mangle carved by a Norwegian sailor in 1789 for his beloved.

Monet Sandvika

The French connection

When we think of Monet, our thoughts naturally drift to Paris—but Norway? Explore a famous painting of Sandvika with Dr. Mary Jo Thorsheim of Norway Art®.

A fisher boy’s story

Mary Jo Thorsheim of Norway Art discusses painter Isak Ræfsnes and how his youth as a fisher boy in Western Norway informed his work.