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Wind farm

Court rules to protect Sámi herders

Norway’s Supreme Court ruled
that two large wind parks were causing injury
to reindeer herders from the Sámi people by
encroaching on their pastures.

Extinction Rebellion

Climate activists stage protests

Climate action group Extinction Rebellion blocked off several streets and buildings in Oslo in protest of the government’s choice to keep drilling for oil.

an electric scooter in Oslo

Oslo scooter clampdown

After a surge of scooter-related accidents, the Oslo City Council is rolling out new regulations to limit the number of electric scooters in the capital.

an oil rig

Oil still in the future

Norway plans to continue oil drilling for the next several decades, despite environmental concerns and criticism from abroad.

a man walking towards passport control at an airport

Travel starts to open up

The Norwegian government eased entry restrictions for travelers arriving from the UK, EEA, and Schengen countries with low infection rates.


Norway axes vaccine

The Norwegian government has removed the AstraZeneca vaccine from its vaccination program due to concerns over rare but serious blood clot side effects.