Author: Daytona Strong

Daytona Strong was formerly the editor of the Taste of Norway for The Norwegian American. She writes about her family’s Norwegian heritage through the lens of food at her Scandinavian food blog, Find her on Facebook (, Twitter (@daytonastrong), Pinterest (@daytonastrong), and Instagram (@daytonastrong).

Chocolate and rye pair well in waffles

Daytona Strong shares one of her most cherished recipes, her Great-Grandma Josephine’s Norwegian Chocolate Rye Heart Waffles. She learned to make them from her Grandma Adeline years ago, and they have become a staple in her home.

Enjoy a shot (or cocktail) of hospitality

Northern Hospitality with the Portland Hunt + Alpine Club: A Celebration of Cocktails, Cooking, and Coming Together by Andrew and Briana Volk tells the story of how the authors met and ultimately moved across the country from Portland, Ore., to Portland, Maine, to open up the Portland Hunt + Alpine Club.

seasonal greens

A salad for the last of summer’s bounty

When summer draws near to an end, Taste of Norway Editor Daytona Strong tries to enjoy the last of the season’s produce as much as possible before the heartier ingredients of autumn replace them. With that in mind, she shares a salad of seasonal greens created to celebrate this moment before the shift in the seasons.

troll cream

A magical dessert with a mythical name

The essence of troll cream is unlike anything in the American dessert repertoire. At its simplest, it consists of lingonberries, sugar, and egg whites, which whip up into an ethereal pale pink cloud. With its impossible-to-compare nature, troll cream certainly lives up to its mythical name.

What makes a pancake Norwegian?

Much thinner than the ones Americans typically eat, slathered with pats of melting butter in a pool of maple syrup, Norwegian pancakes or pannekaker are more like a crepe. As for the Swedish distinction? Pannekaker are a little thicker and eggier than Swedish pancakes, but they’re really quite similar.

Tasting hygge, one recipe at a time

From cookbooks to lifestyle books, there’s no shortage of guides to incorporating this Scandinavian ideal into one’s life. One of those is Tasting Hygge: Joyful Recipes for Cozy Days and Nights (Countryman Press, November 2017) by Leela Cyd.

Summer’s bounty wrapped in a book

Summertime might just be the most delicious season. The food is as beautiful as it is tasty. And Brontë Aurell has captured the essence of the season in her latest book, ScandiKitchen Summer: Simply delicious food for lighter, warmer days.