Author: Eric Stavney

Eric Stavney
Eric Stavney is a graduate of the University of Washington Department of Scandinavian Studies and hosts the interviews and music podcast “Nordic on Tap” at
The Vikings Begin

Where did the Vikings come from?

As you step into the Nordic Museum’s exhibit rooms of The Vikings Begin, you leave the dramatic, well-lit “fjord” hallway and are plunged into darkness. This fits the notion that much about the Vikings is shrouded in mystery, especially where they came from…

An atypical betrayal

Eric Stavney reviews television and film editor John Sealy’s debut novel The Betrayal of Norway for The Norwegian American.

Learn Norwegian to learn Norway

Eric Stavney writes about the importance of learning the Norwegian language in order to understand the Norwegian culture with a list of resources to explore.

Nordic Museum opening - crowd

The new Nordic Museum opens in Seattle

The Nordic Museum opening took place with fanfare in Seattle on the weekend of May 4-5, after two weeks of hosting donor and community receptions, offering member previews, running a “cultural community breakfast,” and putting on a gala and barbecue for visiting dignitaries and bigwigs.

Selja Island

The secret of Selje Island

Along the rugged coast of Western Norway lie thousands of desolate, rocky islands. Just north of Måloy is a hilly green island that at first glance appears just alike. But this island, called Selje (or Selja), holds a secret that makes it a unique and significant island in the history of Norway.