Author: Eric Stavney

Eric Stavney is a graduate of the University of Washington Department of Scandinavian Studies and hosts the interviews and music podcast “Nordic on Tap” at
easter witches

The origins of Easter

Though it celebrates the resurrection of Christ, the origins of Easter and its typical traditions may surprise you, including of the word “Easter” itself.

Smøla wind farm

For the birds

Researchers at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research have found a simple way to reduce bird fatalities at a wind turbine farm in Smøla.

Fløibanen, then and now

Fløibanen, Bergen’s iconic funicular bringing tourists and locals to the top of Mount Fløyen, has a fascinating history, complete with goats.


The Kon-Tiki Museum

Eric Stavney provides an insider’s view of Oslo’s Kon-Tiki Museum, which retells the story of the legendary explorer and adventurist Thor Heyerdahl.

The wisdom on the North

Legendary Sámi singer and activist, Mari Boine, recently finished a U.S. tour. Eric Stavney was able to interview her via Skype before her Seattle concert.