Author: John Erik Stacy

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John Erik Stacy grew up in Wayzata, Minn., and has now returned there after over 30 years divided between Oslo and Seattle. He studied Biology at the University of Oslo and worked there several years leading the DNA laboratory for Systematics and Ecology. He also worked as a senior scientist and team leader for a biotech startup at the Oslo Research Park, where he developed automated systems in antibody discovery. He continues to hold investments and consult for companies at the Research Park and travels frequently to Oslo.

The importance of vaccines

John Erik Stacy emphasizes the importance of vaccines for preventing disease, reminding readers of the millions of lives they’ve saved.

Diep family

An immigrant success story

Dzũng Diệp fled Vietnam in 1978 as a refugee and is now biology professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. John Erik Stacy learned his story.