Author: John Smistad

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John Smistad is a published author of short stories, poems, essays, and movie reviews. He lives and loves with his family and cat in the Puget Sound area of Washington state. He is the fiercely proud son of a native Norwegian dad. (He loves his mom, too.) You can follow him as on his blog at
lutefisk wars

The Lutefisk Wars

Norwegian mafia families and lutefisk may be suprising ingredients for a comedy, but we think you’ll be giggling while watching The Lutefisk Wars.

Home for Christmas

Love, Norwegian style

John Smistad reviews the Norwegian holiday comedy Home for Christmas (Hjem til jul), starring Ida Elise Broch and streaming on Netflix.

The Sunlit Night

The Sunlit Night

John Smisted reviews the film The Sunlit Night, written by Rebecca Dinerstein, an American poet who spent time in the Lofoten islands.

Halfway House

John Smistad’s Halfway House is original fiction, pusblished in the Jan. 28, 2018 New Year’s edition of The Norwegian American.

Dive into suspense

John Smistad reviews the Norwegian thriller Pioneer (Pionér, 2013), directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg.

Heads up for Nesbø

Hunting for a not-by-the-numbers thriller? Headhunters (Hodejegerne, 2011) is the movie for you. Based on the 2008 Jo Nesbø book of the same name, the film won many awards, including the Public Choice Award of the Amandaprise, Norway’s Oscar equivalent.

Burn the Place you Hide

Burn is a downer

John Smistad of Olympia, Wash., reviews the film Burn the Place you Hide, an overlong investigation of the life and career of Norwegian singer/songwriter Thomas Hansen, known to his eclectic fans as “St. Thomas.”