Author: Christy Olsen Field

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Christy Olsen Field was the Taste of Norway Editor from 2019 to 2022. She worked on the editorial staff of The Norwegian American Weekly from 2008 to 2012. An enthusiastic home cook and baker, she lives north of Seattle with her husband and two young sons.

In a good, good place

Christy Olsen Field talks to Tessa and
Ben Schierer, co-owners of Töast, a Scandinavian-inspired bistro in Fergus
Falls, Minn., that opened in June.

Ingrid's Scanddinavian Foods

Thanks for the food

Christy Olsen Field talks with Cathy Cleaver and Ingrid Legore about Ingrid’s Scandinavian Food in Oregon City, Ore., and their Norwegian food specialties.

norske nook

Made from scratch

Norske Nook in Wisconsin serves Norwegian specialties (lutefisk, lefse, meatballs, sweet soup, rømmegrøt, sandbakkelse, rosettes) and award-winning pies.

Christy Olsen Field and her boys reading Matilda by Roald Dahl

With whimsy and delight

In honor of Roald Dahl Story Day on Sept.13, Taste of Norway Editor Christy Olsen Field shares her recipe for bird pie, inspired by Dahl’s novel The Twits.


Fit for a princess

Inspired by Atlantic Crossing, Christy Olsen Field shares her recipe for prinsessepudding (princess pudding), a god gammeldags (the good ol’ days) dessert.

the counter of Ana's Bakeri

Baked with kjærlighet

Taste of Norway editor Christy Olsen Field interviews Ana Fanakrå of Ana’s Bakeri in Colorado about her approach to baked goods and her new shop.

the founders of BjornQorn

Darn good popcorn

Taste of Norway Editor Christy Olsen Field interviews Bjorn Qorn founder Bjorn Quenemoen about his Norwegian roots and approach to popcorn.

a koldtbord of scrambled eggs and varies sliced meats

Too hot to cook

For these hot summer days, our Taste of Norway editor offers a Norwegian-inspired summer meal, the koldtbord, that requires minimal heat and prep work.