Author: Courtney Olsen

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Courtney Olsen is a writer based in Tacoma, Wash. She is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma and the University of Oxford in England and has been writing for The Norwegian American since 2020. A historical fiction enthusiast, she spends her free time working through her ever-growing reading list with a cup of tea in hand.

The power of symbols

The co-opting of Norse mythology and Viking symbols by hate groups has become more visible over the last several years, but its roots run deep.


Walk among the Vikings

The JORVIK Viking Centre in York, England takes visitors on an immersive historical experience into 10th-century York: the age of the Vikings.

A cake fit for a queen

After living in Norway for some time, Washington-born Jennifer Falck founded Gourmet Specialties, specializing in kransekaker, or crown cakes.