Author: NTB

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Hærverk i Oslo

Gustav Vigeland’s famous sculpture “Sinnataggen” (“The Angry Boy”) has been removed from Frogner Park for repairs after it was vandalized.


Bunad crisis looms

Husfliden, one of Norway’s largest bunad retailers, fears that a new shutdown in Viken County could lead to a bunad crisis ahead of 17th of May.

The 17th of May children's parade is cancelled again

Barnetoget i Oslo avlyses igjen

With COVID-19 infections rising and a new lockdown in Oslo, the 17th of May children’s parade has been canceled for the second year in a row.

mental health challenges under covid

Young people suffer

A recent survey from the Norwegian Directorate of Health shows the pandemic has had a considerable negative impact on the mental health of adolescents.

Ole Bull

Ole Bull villa closing for two years

The summer villa of Norwegian composer Ole Bull on Lysøen, an island off the coast of Bergen, will be closed for restorations for the next two years.

Nytt IT-angrep mot Stortinget

The Norwegian parliament has once again been the victim of a cyber attack connected to vulnerabilities with Microsoft Exchange software.