Author: David Nikel

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David Nikel is a freelance writer based in Norway. He runs the popular website and podcast and is the author of the Moon Norway guidebook, available now in all good bookstores.

What’s brewing in Lofoten?

The Hurtigruten coastal express docks at Svolvær on its northbound journey for just one hour, enough time for a tour of the local Lofotpils microbrewery.

Ask a guidebook writer

David Nikel, a travel writer based in Trondheim, reports on what tourists have to look forward to in Norway in 2019, including a new hotel in Oslo that celebrates the Norwegian immigration to the United States.

Charmed by Copenhagen’s history & hygge

With so much shared history, you could be forgiven for thinking that Denmark offers a similar experience to Norway and Sweden. While that’s partly true in Copenhagen, it’s a different story elsewhere. Travel writer David Nikel visits Denmark’s capital.

Sightseeing in the Stockholm archipelago

After writing about so many destinations in Norway, David Nikel feels it’s time to spread his wings. Many people visiting Norway look to combine their trip to Oslo with the other Scandinavian capitals, so what better place to start than in Stockholm, the self-proclaimed capital of Scandinavia?

David Nikel - Kristiansand

Exploring Norway’s sunny south

Travel writer David Nikel explores Norway’s sunny southern coast, with stops in Kristiansand and Flekkefjord along the picturesque “Norwegian Riviera.”

There’s always something new in Oslo

I’ve long said that it’s worth at least a couple of days exploring Oslo before heading off to the fjords. This is especially true for Norwegian Americans wanting to discover more about the modern twist on their heritage. But even those who visited recently may be shocked at the rate of change. Let’s take a closer look!