Author: Ingerid Jordal

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Ingerid Jordal is a photojournalist based in western Norway, with a great passion for the deep north and stories of belonging. She is scared of flying, but not scared of driving backward on a highway in Seattle. Learn more at

Up the mountain with a waterfall

Ingerid Jordal writes about the water-powered “gondola” that carries items up the side of the mountain at her family’s cabin near Odda, Norway.


Taking back the language

Ingerid Jordal talks to one family in northern Norway that reclaims the Sami language by speaking it at home, while the kids learn it at school.



The family-owned silversmith Sylvsmidja in Norway is the world’s largest producer of bunad silver. Now they are looking to expand into American market.


The parade must go on

Rather than cancel last year’s 17th of May, the community of Lydvo put on their own miniature version of it. This year, they’ve opted for the same solution.

Christmas trees

Getting ready for Christmas

Each year in Voss, Anne Jorunn Nestås Tøn invites the public to cut down her forest for Christmas trees, helping create the Christmas spirit.