Author: Christine Foster Meloni

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Christine Foster Meloni is professor emerita at The George Washington University. She has degrees in Italian literature, linguistics, and international education. She was born in Minneapolis and currently lives in Washington, D.C. She values her Norwegian heritage.

Letter to the Editor

Longtime contributor Christine Foster Meloni shares a letter from a cousin in Norway about life during the corona crisis.

Give me five

Christine Foster Meloni of The Norwegian American presents her five favorite Norwegian crime authosrs for the 2020 Easter edition.

Knausgaard’s Winter follows Autumn

Christine Foster Meloni reviews Winter, Karl Ove Knausgaard’s follow-up to his previous book, Autumn, which contains essays that contemplate winter.

Why you should see Sea by Jon Fosse

Christine Foster Meloni reviews Robert McNamara’s production of Sea by Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse at Washington, D.C,’s Scena Theatre.

Wendy Swallow

Searching for Nora

In a new novel, writer Wendy Swallow imagines the life that Nora, Ibsen’s protagonist from A Doll’s House, lived after the controversial ending of the play.