Author: Christie Ericson

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Christie Ericson is an academic librarian living in Anchorage, Alaska. She has a background in languages and linguistics and has been fulfilling her lifelong dream of learning the Norwegian language. She also serves as the cultural director and librarian at her local Sons of Norway lodge and is completely addicted to Selbu mitten knitting.

Norsk 101: Sjømannskirken

Christie Ericson tells about her visit to Sjømannskirken, the Norwegian Seaman’s Church in San Francisco, for a fresh waffle and cup of coffee.

Norsk 101: På isen (On the ice)

Norsk 101’s Christie Ericson writes about ice-skating as one of many winter activities Norwegians love and Oslo’s famous rink called Spikersuppa.


Norsk 101: Slottsparken

Christie Ericson practices Norwegian with information about Slottsparken (the Palace Park), which is open to the public in Oslo, Norway.