Author: M. Michael Brady

M. Michael Brady
M. Michael Brady was born, raised, and educated as a scientist in the United States. After relocating to the Oslo area, he turned to writing and translating. In Norway, he is now classified as a bilingual dual national.

The Norwegian Helsebok

In Norway, all residents are required to have a Helsebok (Health Booklet), an official permit and record of an individual’s use of health services.

Kaveh Rashidi

Maybe you’re healthy?

A new book by Norwegian physician Kaveh Rashidi examines challenges medical professionals face in providing services to the public.



Time travel back to 12th-century England to learn about the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the origins of the word “wedding” in this Words about Words.

Berit Reise

Where did it all end up?

A recently published book in Norway takes a deep dive into the history of the Jewish experience of World War II in Norway.