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Viking vocabulary

An article compares similar words in five languages: Old Norse, Icelandic, Nynorsk, Bokmål, and English to showsimilarities and differences.

Hear history speaking

Parker O’Halloran shares eight interesting facts about Iceland and its language, including their creative translations of American movie titles.

Bloody tourists!

Musician Gunnar Hjálmarsson (aka Dr. Gunni) makes a list of things that tourism has done to “ruin” cities in Iceland. (It’s not what you think.)

Sørfond awards grants

The Norwegian Film Institute announces that the Sørfond jury selected six film projects in five countries to award NOK 3 million to for 2022.


The Norwegian American features comics by renowned Norwegian journalist Fredrik Skavlan and Lille Berlin.


Back of the line

Monica Sydgård,a director at Save the Children Norway, says rate of poverty has tripled, leaving many children behind in school and activities.