Asatru followers will get their own burial ground in Oslo


For the first time in a thousand years, a cemetery for followers of the Asatru will be established in Norway. The building of a ship formed burial ground lined with stone was approved on May 13 by the relevant officials. The burial ground will be built at Voksen graveyard in Oslo. 

The Asatrufellowship Bifrost is a religious fellowship for modern asatru founded on norse custom, the pre-christian religious traditions. The fellowship, with 220 members in Norway, has been an officially recognized religion by Norwegian authorities since 1996. 

Bifrost is responsible for the preparation of the new burial ground, and the organization is currently working on suggestions for sermons to be used in burials based on Norse tradition. 

“We are hoping to get such a burial space also in Bergen and the other major cities,” says Tania Stene, leader of Hugauge, one of the regional groups under the Bifrost umbrella.

Up til now, many Asatru followers have chosen a cremation and have the ashes spread in nature. This custom is likely to continue alongside the possibility of burial in the new cemetery, especially in areas far from a such burial ground. 


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