Around the North Pole in one summer

A group of three Norwegians will this summer try to sail around the North Pole in one summer. If they complete the trip, they will be the first ever to do so.

As global warming keeps melting the ice cover every year, it may now be possible to sail around the North Pole in an ordinary boat in one season. As reported earlier by BarentsObserver, satellite monitoring has shown that in 2007 and 2008 the amount of ice cover around the North Pole has been the lowest since they started monitoring the ice in the 70’s.

With decreasing ice cover, the goal of three Norwegians is to sail around the pole during the melting season. They started out from the North Norway village of Vardø this week. If they manage to go all around the North Pole without being stopped by ice, they will be the first to do so in one season.

Vardø has a long history of Polar exploration. 100 years ago, the legendary Norwegian explorer Fritjof Nansen started his trip to the North Pole here. Now the three Norwegians are ready to write a new chapter in Vardø’s arctic history.

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