Army creates building boom in northern Norway

Military training in Bardufoss. Photo:

The Norwegian Armed Forces have spent over 350 million EUR on new installations and quarters in Troms county in course of the last nine years, reports the Barents Observer

Since 2000, 3 billion NOK have been spent on upgrading and building the military camps in Troms, reports Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation (NRK).

Last month the Ministry of Defence announced that the Northern regions are the Government’s prime area for strategic investment. The Armed Forces’ presence in North Norway, with the Navy and Coast Guard, but also air and land forces, is given a high priority.

Norway’s largest army garrison Sætermoen has become Norway’s most modern camp with new warehouses, messes and office buildings. The neighboring army camp in Bardufoss is next in line for upgrading and modernization. Planned investments in the period up to 2015 amount to about 117 billion EUR. Amongst other things, the Armed Forces plan to build 500 new apartments in the area.

Exercise Cold Response is the Armed Forces’ most important exercise and will take place in Troms and Nordland in Northern Norway this winter.

The Norwegian Government proposed in all to allocate NOK 34.9 billion for defence in 2010. The Northern regions, international peace operations and the veterans are given priority.

Watch video of military winter training in northern Norway here

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