Arcus adds a Viking twist to its liquor

Pors, once used by the Vikings

The herb pors was once used by the Vikings to make liquor. Now Norwegian liquor producer Arcus uses it to flavor products that pair well with food.

Arcus, a Norwegian liquor producer, was out in the Norwegian woods recently to look for the same herbs that the Vikings used to make their liquor.

Pors is the name of the herb that apparently had such a strong effect on King Harald Hårfagre that he simply forgot to rule the country for about three years, according to the Snorre Saga. Now, a busload of Arcus employees finds the plant so fascinating that they want to produce liquor with it.

“Our goal is not to make people go crazy from drinking pors liquor,” says Hege Ramseng, chief of information at Arcus. “We only want to use this herb to add flavor to liquor that goes well with food, for example, aquavit.”

Normally Arcus imports herbs from suppliers around the world, but for this particular mission the team went out themselves. They received assistance from the Porsgrunn Club, which knew exactly when and where to find the pors. The group hoped to find at least 20 kg of leaves to bring home, says sensor technician Håkon Urdal.

Source: The Norway Post

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