Anki King exhibits at Trygve Lie Gallery in New York City

On March 12, Trygve Lie Gallery will present Norwegian artist Anki King with her most current work “Sisters”. An opening reception will take place on Thursday March 12, 6-8 p.m.

Sisters 38x50 mixed on paper 2008

Sisters IV, 38"x50", 96x127cm, mixed media on paper, 2008

The oldest of three sisters, King has created a series of paintings and drawings based on the relationships between siblings. In all relationships there is a certain tension and it is exactly this space King makes visible in her work. The images appear still, but are highly charged with dependency and rivalry. Connection and rejection hold them suspended in eternal wait for what might happen next.

Anki King is currently living and working in New York and exhibits frequently both in Norway and in the U.S. This year she has solo exhibits in both countries. Recently her work was included in the permanent collection at the Appleton Museum in Ocala, Florida and she is invited to exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in the Dominican Republic this summer.

King’s process is focused on images collected from childhood; consciously and unconsciously registered situations retold in intimate paintings, 30” x 40” and smaller. The images are often cropped in unexpected ways that emphasizes the narrow view of a child and how memory leaves only selective pieces of the story. “The paintings are derived from personal experience and the viewers are invited to connect to their own memories and experiences through their own interpretation,” says Anki.

The larger paintings contain mature life size figures in full view. The human form is here used as a way of expressing emotional memories and emotions are an essential force in my work. The figures are not tied to a specific place or time and become a vehicle for the viewer to create their own metaphor.

“I enjoy paint as a live, physical and sensual medium I attempt to guide my images into. It is a collaborative process with the paint and the work exhibits joy of discovery and surprise from the process itself. The colors are muted, but the strength of the brush strokes makes the visual experience forceful and lively,” explains King.

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