Anette Sagen makes the first Holmenkollen jump

Anette Sagen was proud of the first jump at the new Holmenkollen with a jump of 106.5 meters.

“An absolutely beautiful ski jump,” concluded Sagen right after the first official jump in new Holmenkollen.

With Arne Scheie as commentator and NRK, Sagen made her jump, flew nicely and controlled, and landed at 106.5 meters.

“I sat on the gate and heard the people rejoice. This was huge,” she said immediately after landing.

“It was a great honor to make the first jump. I just have to thank all of you,” cried Sagen to the audience.

Bjørn Einar Romøren took the first test jumps on March 2, which is causing a controversy over the first “official” jump.

“It means nothing to me. My jump was the first official jump of Kollen,” said the 25-year-old to NRK.

In an interview with the evening news, Romøren said that he made the first jump off Holmenkollen “on purpose.”

“Absolutely not,” he pledged. “Now I’m just upset about how much it goes beyond Anette Sagen’s honor. She had deserved something completely different.”

But should he not have realized how much controversy his jump would create?

“It is easy to have 20/20 vision in hindsight. Of course, there was a possibility that this would come out to the media, but as I thought then, this was a jumping test, which was planned long before any had the honor of being the first jumper. This was the unofficial jumping, the media was not invited, there was only one pass of the hill, “said 28-year-old Romøren from Hosle.

When asked about who decided that he should be the first test jumper, he replied, “I do not know quite, actually. Nobody told me that I should jump first, so I have to take on the part of the blame.

“There was no one who thought that the media could find out about this, but I quickly noticed that they were. I thought it would hush them down, since it was an unofficial jump and pass, stupid as I was,” said Romøren apologetically.

Source: Aftenposten

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