Andhøy back home

Photo: Vestfold Blad. Controversial adventurer Jarle Andhøy returned to Norway on May 9.

Norway’s “Wild Viking” adventurer returns to Norway

By Jess Larsen

Norwegian adventurer Jarle Andhøy has returned to Norway after an expedition in search of the missing sailing vessel, Berserk.

In February 2011, Andhøy and crew were on an expedition to the South Pole when their sailing vessel, Berserk, activated its emergency transponder, and unfortunately went missing with three crewmembers on board. Andhøy, fellow crewmember Samuel Massie, and others were not onboard when the Berserk vanished.

No one had a definitive answer of what happened to the Berserk and Andhøy took it upon himself to solve the mystery, setting out once again for Antarctica, upon the Nilaya, in search of the missing Berserk.

In January of this year Andhøy received much media attention for disregarding customs regulations in New Zealand. The media attention heightened when Andhøy and his crew were detained in Chilean waters for giving a false name, not having proper documentation, and having a New Zealander without a proper passport onboard. The Nilaya was later released and Andhøy and crew survived the detainment with few consequences.

A little after 6 p.m. on May 9, Andhøy landed back in Norway where he was welcomed back by former crewmembers and others at the airport.

After all of his travels and media attention, Andhøy says he plans to take time to relax and take in everything that has happened.

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