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Washington Post panel of experts loved alevarianten to Grimstad brewery Nøgne E.  Photo: Nøgne Ø

Washington Post panel of experts loved alevarianten to Grimstad brewery Nøgne E. Photo: Nøgne Ø

Norwegian beer from micro breweries tapping in second place in the great American beer vote.

The large newspaper, Washington Post today announced the beer that won the podium at the newspaper’s annual øltest, “Beer Madness”.

In second place we find a beer on the type of Pale ale from the small Norwegian micro brewery Nøgne E.

“What, we ended up in second place? So happy to hear the message from the wharves is Rolf Tore Vik at Grimstad brewery Nøgne Ø when turning on the thread.

32 beers from 22 different countries were tested in the newspaper describes as “a quest for the average man favorite beer”.

Readers could send in sms and vote on selected beers, but the final decision was taken by an expert jury

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout from Samuel Smith, British Old Brewery won the gold square.

SAS pilot behind the beer

Behind the little micro-brewery Nøgne Ø is the long time SAS pilot Kjetil Jikiun.

During his many trips to the U.S. through the job, the Norwegian American got the taste of micro-brewed beer. In 2002 he founded Nøgne E, which today mainly brews beer for export.

“We brews between 270 and 280,000 liters of beer a year. About 70 percent of this is exported to foreign countries,” said Vik to

The small brewery produces no pilsner beer, but the ale, which is unpasteurized and unfiltered beer from the fermented kind.

“Over 90 percent of the beer consumed in Norway today is pilsner beer. But we feel that interest in the kind of beer that we make, are rising. Pila goes up, “says Vik.

“Beer geeks” writes about beer

Grimstad brewery uses hardly a dime on marketing, but admits that there is a lot of time traveling around the pubs to introduce the beer to purchasers.

“We are lucky and get some free advertising. Såklate beer geeks writing about beer on our various online forums, and so we get the part coverage through tests like this, “said Vik.

Advertising of alcoholic beverages over 2.5 per cent have been banned in Norway since 1975. In 1998, intensified law further and incorporated in the light beer advertising.

America is more than Budweiser

Jon Hylje Mortensen, author of the book “The complete guide to the Norwegian beer”, familiar to Nøgne Pour assortment.

He calls Nøgne Ø-ale’n that ended up on the silver square in Washington Post-competition for a “kind of right, strong ale with lots of flavor.

“Part of Pale variants Nøgne Ø stock is quite American in style, also. Among other uses the more aroma hops, which is typical of many American beers.

Many equate Budweiser as a “typical” American beer?

“Yes, but although pissøl that Budweiser is, which sells most in volume, we must remember that the U.S. is the country that has more micro-breweries in the world. And there brewers make completely different types of beer,” said Hylje Mortensen.

Microbrewery Industry growing

Since Hylje Mortensen launched his beer with co-author and knowledgeable beer man Vidar Johnsen last year, has popped up around ten new micro-breweries in Norway.

“We are a small business growing, much like an expanding family. We help and support each other,” says Nøgne Ø-brewer Rof Tore Vik.

Source: NRK

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