Amelie granted work permit, may return to Norway

Deported to Russia last January, illegal alien Maria Amelie has been granted a Norwegian work permit and has a job waiting for her should she wish to return to Norway.

Deported to Russia last January, illegal alien Maria Amelie had lived in Norway for eight years and completed a university education.

Former illegal alien Maria Amelie, who in January was detained by police and deported to Russia, has been granted a work permit, and may return to Norway, where a job is waiting. Amelie, 25, whose real name is Madina Salamova, had lived illegally in Norway for eight years before she was returned to Russia. Originally from the Caucasus, she came to Norway with her parents in 2003 as asylum seekers.

Against all odds, she completed a university education in Norway. Last year she published the book “Ulovlig norsk” (“Illegal Norwegian”), and was named “Norwegian of the Year” by the magazine Ny Tid (New Times).

Her arrest and expulsion was controversial and caused a heated debate in the media.

This caused the government to propose a change in the immigration laws that would allow asylum seekers, who have contravened the Immigration Act by staying illegally in Norway,  to still be able to apply for work permits and have their application processed by the Norwegian authorities.

Earlier, an application for a work permit from someone whose application for asylum had been turned down, and who had been staying illegally in Norway, had not been accepted or processed.

Amelie, who is presently staying in Poland, says she is very pleased with the news, but has not yet set a date for her return to Norway.

Source: The Norway Post

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