Amazing Light Show during ISFiT in Trondheim

Photo: Rune Petter Ness /

Amazing Light Show at Nidarosdomen in Trondheim. Photo: Rune Petter Ness,

From February 20 to March 1, the 10th International Student Festival (ISFiT) takes place in the Norwegian city of Trondheim.

ISFiT, which is a thematic student festival with an aim to gather students from all over the world, is arranged every second year.

“We have continued to create dialogue between people from differents sides of borders. ISFiT has, since 1990, been a meeting place. A neutral arena, where students come together to work on pressing international matters. A meeting place where student voices are heard, where ideas are born and friendships are made,” said Trygve Thorson, the President of ISFiT during the opening event.

Jonas Gahr Støre, Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, who attended the festival this year said ISFiT organisers deserve tremendous credit for putting students’ peace efforts all over the world on the agenda, notably with the award of the Student Peace Prize. He said: “Political leaders need to acknowledge the efforts of the younger generation. The International Student Festival in Trondheim is one example of an event that increases public awareness of students’ and young people’s contributions to peace efforts.”

“Changes often start with the younger generation. Throughout history, students and young people have been at the forefront of protests against oppression and injustice. Students have been important agents for change, and their contribution to peace and democracy has been remarkable,” writes Støre on the Ministery of Foreign Affairs website.

During ISFiT 19 artists and designers, from all over the world, created an amazing light show at the magnificent Nidarosdomen (Nidaros Cathedral). View more photos and a video of the beautiful light show on

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