Affair between FDR and a crown princess?

There’s no there, there SCOTT LARSEN New Westminster, B.C. In April, North American viewers will be introduced to the claim that President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Crown Princess Märtha of Norway had a romantic relationship during World War II. “Atlantic Crossing” is an eight-part 2020 series that will begin airing on April 4 on PBS Masterpiece. Norwegian director Alexander Eik created, co-wrote, and directed “Atlantic Crossing.” The series was co-produced by Beta Film (Germany), DR TV (Denmark), Sveriges Television (Sweden) and the Nordisk Film & TV Fund (Nordic cooperation based in Oslo, Norway). I
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Scott Larsen

Scott Larsen

Scott Larsen is a longtime Roosevelt historian. A freelance journalist, he wrote about Scandinavians aboard the RMS Titanic ("Norwegians on the Titanic" in The Norwegian American, April 12, 2012). He immigrated to Canada in 2006 and lives in New Westminster, B.C.

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