Adjustments secure Åsgard gas

Statoil's Åsgard Field

A new pipeline and well adjustments will increase the flexibility of gas production on the Åsgard field. Statoil is thereby giving a further boost to its Norwegian Sea node.

“These adjustments are important for the optimal utilisation of the Åsgard field in the years ahead,” says Ståle Tungesvik, vice president for reserves and business development on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Increasing flexibility

The new pipeline will run between the Åsgard B platform and one of the seabed templates currently tied to Åsgard A.

When the new connection is opened, it will be easier to balance production on the field so that the gas can be produced more quickly and energy efficiently.

Adjustments to injectors

The project, called Åsgard gas transfer, also includes adjustments to several wells on the field.

Once the new pipeline is in position, eight wells – now used for providing pressure support – will be transformed into gas production wells.

“We are now turning the field into an even more flexible producer. It will help secure our gas supplies,” underlines Tungesvik.

Completion expected in 2011

Technip Offshore Norge will be laying the four-kilometer long pipeline and making the adjustments to the field’s installations.

The new connection is scheduled for completion towards the end of 2010, while the well adjustments will be finalized the following year.

Åsgard field

  • The Åsgard field on Haltenbanken is Statoil’s node for oil and gas transport in the Norwegian Sea.
  • The field has been developed using seabed templates. These are tied to the production and storage ship Åsgard A; the floating, semi-submersible platform Åsgard B; and a storage ship for condensate, Åsgard C.
  • In addition, Åsgard handles the gas from Mikkel, as well as condensate from Kristin and Tyrihans.
  • Liquids from the area are exported by ship, while the gas is transported through the Åsgard transport pipeline to Statoil’s Kårstø process plant.

Source: Statoil

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