A White Christmas for all Norwegians

For the first time in several years, all Norwegians enjoy a White Christmas. Even the rainy city of Bergen and the island community of Utsira, where snow rarely falls, are covered by snow.

In Bergen it is five years since the townspeople could enjoy their city covered by snow at Christmas.

In southeastern Norway, south of Oslo where fields had been lightly covered by snow for the last couple of weeks, we woke up on the morning of Christmas Eve with several additional inches of newfallen snow.

In Northern Norway winter has ruled for some time, and during the last few days more snow has fallen, driven by strong winds. But Christmas came with calmer weather also here.

And in addition to the snow, in most of the country the temperature has fallen to a comfortable 5-10 degrees below 0 degrees C, and even colder in the inland areas.

Most ski resorts are open, and for the cross country enthusiasts the trails are ready for us all to get back in shape after all the Christmas calorie intake.

Source: Norway Post

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