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Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Jens Stoltenberg

While a large number of Norwegians want Erna Solberg as the next Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg also has popular support

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While it seems that most Norwegians trust Erna Solberg (Conservative Party) to be the next Prime Minister, confidence in Jens Stoltenberg (Labor Party) is also high, according to a new poll Ipsos MMI has published in ​​Dagbladet. Confidence in the other party leaders are far lower, the poll results show.

The poll shows that 73 percent of respondents have great confidence in the Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg. Meanwhile, 63 percent have great faith in the Labor Party leader and current Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

Both politicians are pleased with the numbers.

“These were nice numbers. I hope I get the opportunity to show that I am worthy of this trust,” Solberg told Dagbladet.

“Jens Stoltenberg enjoys high confidence after nearly eight years as prime minister. This is unique in Europe,” said Labor Party Secretary Raymond Johansen.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Erna Solberg

The leaders of the country’s two major parties will enter a close race to becoming the Prime Minister as the September 2013 election approaches, and new research shows that Solberg and Stoltenberg are consistantly alternating in being Norwegians’ top choice for the position.

Red Party Leader Bjørnar Moxnes has great trust from just 5 percent of respondents.

15 percent have the most confidence in the Socialist Left Party leader Audun Lysbakken, while 16 percent report that they have great confidence in the Center Party leader Liv Signe.

Progress Party leader Siv Jensen enjoys great respect among 24 percent of respondents. 33 percent show confidence in the Liberal Party leader Trine Skei Grande, and 35 percent have great confidence in the Christian People’s Party leader Knut Arild Hareide.

The 2013 parliamentary election is scheduled to be held in Norway on September 9.

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