Design competition: ‘A tribute to women’

Pierre Robert and the Norwegian fashion magazine KK have launched a big design competition. They want to promote Norwegian design and simultaneously support the Norwegian Cancer Society and the Norwegian Breast Cancer Society’s Pink ribbon campaign, and the important work they are doing for early detection and prevention of breast cancer.

Participants are invited to design a new Cotton Top, Boxer and Hipster for Pierre Robert’s 2010 autumn collection. A new website has been specially created for the design competition. Here participants can read more about the competition, download design templates and to share the site with friends on Facebook. Employees of Orkla companies (with the exception of the Pierre Robert Group) and their family members are also welcome to take part in the competition.

Subsequent to the submission deadline of 31 August 2009, a jury will convene to select five finalists. The jury will be made up of the eminent Norwegian designer Nora Farah (photo above), KK’s Editor in Chief Gjyri Helén Werp, the Pink ribbon campaign manager Marit Sophie Egge, and the designer, marketing director and brand manager for underwear at Pierre Robert. The finalists will be presented on the website on 28 September 2009 and in KK, which will go on sale on the same day.

Supporting the Pink ribbon campaign

The winner will be chosen through a SMS vote, and will be the design that receives the most votes. The SMS proceeds will go to the Pink ribbon campaign and the winner presented at the campaign’s final arrangement in the end of October 2009.

The winner of the design competition will have his or her own design produced as a Pink ribbon collection to be sold in Norway in October 2010, and will also receive a cash prize. The winner will take part in the product development of own design in collaboration with a designer, and the marketing and purchasing department at Pierre Robert. The winner will thus gain unique professional experience and the opportunity to make important contacts.

Internet competition

Pierre Robert’s own designer will on September 1 select 20 favourites, which will be presented on the Internet for a separate online vote. The Internet winner will be the design to receive the most votes in the period1-30 September.

For more information about Pierre Robert and KK’s big design competition click here: (in Norwegian only)

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