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Tårer fra en tapt tid weaves two realities

John Erik Stacy
The Norwegian American

Tårer fra en tapt tid

Cover photo: Tårer fra en tapt tid

What if, one day, your daily grind was interrupted by emotions and images from another life? In Tårer fra en tapt tid, Julia and Magnus both suffer from modern problems. Julia is driven to chase her career and Magnus finds it difficult to make clear choices in his life. Their anxieties cause them to hold relationships at arm’s length, and they both find themselves together with people that do not seem right. Life in modern Oslo is hectic and at times challenging, but they both miss something deeper.

Magnus is perhaps more in touch with his yearning. Besides his day job in an advertising firm, he has a portfolio of paintings. In his mind, the paintings are his real work, and the ad agency job just pays the bills. Lately, he has painted strange landscapes and mystical symbols, and he is aware of emotions and a sense of another life and another time. Julia sees Magnus’s work and she, too, experiences emotions like those felt with the resurfacing of a distant memory. Unexpectedly, these dreamlike memories become more vivid and real for each of them as they learn—and are guided—to explore them.

Tårer came out in Norwegian just before Christmas last year and was well received. It is available at bookstores like Norli and Ark throughout Norway or directly from the publishers at pregomobile.no. The book is the product of co-authorship by Brynjulf Haugan and Brian Talgo, and they have now signed an agreement to release an English-language version.

In full disclosure, Talgo is one of my very best friends. I have read several of his stories and manuscripts and find them to be full of insight, humor, and surprises! Tårer has all these elements, and the collaboration with Haugan has brought in additional dimensions in storytelling that has made their co-authorship a very strong collaboration. I think all of our Norwegian-language readers will enjoy this book, and I will keep the rest of you posted when the English-language version becomes available.

John Erik Stacy grew up in Wayzata, Minn., but soon moved to Oslo, Norway. He studied at the University of Oslo and married his wife, Robin, in Oslo. They became friends with Norwegians and American colleagues alike. In 2003, they moved to Seattle, Robin’s hometown. They visit Norway often and participate in the Scandinavian community in Seattle.

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