A Fond Farewell


By Kelsey Larson

It’s with mixed feelings that I announce that I am leaving my position as Managing Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly.

I started at the Weekly as Copy Editor and Subscriptions Manager in 2011, a brand-new graduate of Pacific Lutheran University and a total Norway enthusiast. I couldn’t believe that I’d found a position in which both of my degrees – Norwegian and English – could actually be relevant and utilized. What luck in an economic climate that wasn’t very promising for college graduates, and what an incredible opportunity to continue to pursue my interest in Norway and writing.

My manager and mentor, former Managing Editor Christy Olsen Field, quickly became a friend for life and I remain incredibly grateful for all she has taught me about Norway, the Norwegian-American community, and being the Editor of a weekly publication – not to mention her lasting friendship!

When Christy left in November of 2012, I was very sad to lose my brilliant coworker, but also excited to take over as Managing Editor and see what I could bring to the table. This publication has as long and proud history, and it has been an honor to contribute my own chapter to its story.

Though it’s had its ups and downs, the job has overall been a fantastic learning and growing experience for me, and I will miss the Weekly immensely.

What will I most about working at the Weekly?

The answer is, by far, YOU!


When I reflect over the last two and half years, I marvel at all of the interesting people I have met and all of the friends I have made. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to interview fascinating people for articles – such as Moods of Norway cofounder Stefan Dahlqvist, Munch art collector and prominent feminist Sally Epstein, and former Ambassador of Norway to Syria Rolf Willy Hansen, among many other individuals, who have enriched my life by sharing their stories with me.

I’ve had the great pleasure of bringing some new contributing editors to the Weekly team, all of whom are warm, wonderful and talented people. I’ve had the opportunity to deepen my relationship with our existing group of contributing editors, who are perhaps some of the most interesting, kind, and overall incredible people I have had the pleasure to meet.

And, everyday, I talk to readers of the Weekly like you – all of whom have their own unique perspective and role in the Norwegian-American community. I’ve learned so much from this amazing group, and I continue to be grateful for your support.

The Weekly’s community has shown me endless support and patience as I’ve taken on this challenge, and the Norwegian-American community has truly become my home because of all of you. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for this experience; I will always take it with me as I move forward in my career.

Please continue to support the Weekly as it moves forward without me – I believe in this publication so much, and I wish for it a long, healthy and happy future of bringing our Norwegian-American community a little bit closer together.

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