64 ships are flagged out the last two years

Over the past two years, 64 Norwegian ships flagged out. Many oil ships have changed their flag. Hundreds of Norwegian seafarers have lost their jobs. Seamen’s organizations and Maritime Forum is concerned.

All of the Norwegian oil advances would not have been possible without the maritime expertise we had in Norway when the first oil fields were discovered, “says Evelyn Rojas, general manager of Maritime Forum and Stavanger, the Norwegian Shipowners Association.

She adds that it is precisely seamanship and maritime skills in a broad sense, that has made the Norwegian oil and gas offshore industry leader in the world.

But Evelyn Rojas also says that companies that are replacing Norwegian seafarers with seafarers from overseas do so because they need to reduce costs and to adapt the current framework and the international competitive situation.

Source: Aftenbladet

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